Air Condtion Energy Assessments

ACR Energy Solutions can now provide Air Conditioning Energy Assessments in line with the Government TM 44 document. Any building with 12 kilowatts or over of air conditioning capacity requires an inspection and the inspection report lodged with Landmark. ACR Energy Solutions can provide this service.

What is an Air Conditioning Inspection Report?

An Air Conditioning Inspection Report is prepared following an onsite Air Conditioning Assessment and is completed by an accredited energy assessor. 

The purpose of the report is to ensure that building owners and managers are given basic information regarding the efficiency of the air-conditioning systems they control, along with advice and recommendations on how the energy efficiency of their systems can be improved.

Who requires an Air Conditioning Inspection?

Under new Government regulations introduced in 2009 it is now a mandatory requirement that all Air Conditioning Units over 12 KW undergo an inspection at five year intervals.  

Under the terms of the Legislation the first inspections needed to be carried out as follows:

  • For all air conditioning systems first put into service on or after 1 January 2008, the first air conditioning inspection must take place within 5 years of the date it was first put into service.

  • For air conditioning systems put into service before 1st January 2008 where the effective rated output is more than 250KW the first inspection should have happened by 4th January 2009.

  • For air conditioning systems put into service before 1st January 2008 where the effective rated output is more than 12kW the first inspection should have happened before 4th January 2011.

  • Following a first inspection all systems must be inspected at five year intervals.  

Local Authorities are responsible for enforcing these requirements and they have the authority to issue penalty charge notices for non - compliance and continued non - compliance.

Air Conditioning Inspection Reports by ACR Energy Solutions

ACR Energy Solutions provide a professional Air Conditioning Inspection Report service with all assessments carried out by QUIDOS Accredited Energy Assessors.

Our Assessment and Reporting Process

  • Client provides a full list of equipment to be assessed including make and model.
  • An ACR Energy Solutions QUIDOS accredited engineer performs a site visit inspecting all of the equipment listed by the client.
  • An Air Conditioning Inspection Report (compliant with UK Government TM44 Regulations) is prepared.  The report details the outcome of the equipment tests, including details of any defects identified and provides recommendations on any actions required to ensure that all equipment used meets UK and EU energy efficiency regulations.
  • ACR Energy Solutions issue a Certificate of Compliance to the client
  • ACR Energy Solutions register the Air Conditioning Inspection with Landmark

Benefits of an ACR Air Conditioning Energy Assessment 

  • Inspection Report prepared by Fully Qualified & Accredited Assessors.
  • Local Service provided by a Local Company.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency.
  • Helps reduce your energy costs.
  • Extends the life of your equipment
  • Peace of mind that you and your Air Conditioning Systems are fully compliant