ACR Energy Solutons - F-GAS Compliance Service

Anyone with stationary refrigeration, air conditioning or heat pump equipment containing certain gases may be affected by F-GAS regulation and therefore many commercial and industrial organisations will have obligations under the legislation.

F-GAS Regulation

The principal objective of the F-Gas Regulation is to contain, prevent and reduce emissions of the gases, most of which are powerful greenhouse gases. The 2006 EU F-Gas Regulation introduced strict inspection rules for operators of such equipment containing more than 3kg of hydrofluorocarbon (HFC).

The law now demands that all businesses and individuals completing the installation and servicing of refrigeration, air-conditioning or heat pump equipment (SRAC work), which contains or is designed to contain F Gas refrigerants, must be fully trained and certified to do so. As an industry standard all businesses must obtain a company certificate as evidence that they are fully capable of conducting this work.

ACR Energy Solutions is a fully certified F-GAS company. 

Certification Number: FGAS2000450   

ACR Energy Solutions comply with all existing regulations relating to the installation, testing and maintenance of commercial refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.